Youth Panel

In June, the L- CYR Youth Panel Working Group secured funding for two student interns to conduct research with University of Leeds staff and youth groups from across the city to determine how we can better engage children and youth in shaping future research.

The working group, which includes representatives from the School of Education, the School of Earth and Environment and a Leeds-based youth NGO are keen to ensure that the youth panel addresses the things which children and youth deem to be important in their lives, whilst also being a useful resource for researchers from across the university to engage with to shape ongoing research questions and methodologies.

Research will commence in July 2016, findings from which will determine the future direction of this exciting initiative.

We will post updates on the work of the Panel Working Group on this page.

If you would like further information, are interested in joining the L-CYR Youth Panel Working Group or have any advice you wish to share, please contact: Harriet Thew,