Director: Dr Yvonne Griffiths

School of Education

I joined the School of Education at Leeds in October 2015 as an Associate Professor in Childhood Studies and Education.

My expertise is in child development and the application of psychology to education practice. My work investigates the causal factors contributing to individual differences in language and literacy learning and education outcomes for children, young people and adults with developmental disorders (e.g., dyslexia, Williams Syndrome). These include spoken language processing, cognitive factors (e.g., memory and attention), environmental factors (e.g., home and school environments; print exposure), and psychological factors that can act as barriers (e.g. motivation, self-efficacy). Recent interdisciplinary collaborations in International Development (initially funded by an LIDC Fellowship) include projects evaluating the impact of growing up in poverty on literacy learning and education outcomes, through systematic reviews, longitudinal studies and randomised controlled trials. This research serves to inform the development and evaluation of evidence based interventions, global education policy and practice.

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