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Tax and the wealthy: the tip of a very unhealthy iceberg

This week, Professor Tracy Shildrick published an online article responding to the recent Panama Papers tax revelations. In it, she argues that these revelations raise important questions about how inherited wealth contributes to deepening class inequality and stalling social mobility within the UK. Read Tracy’s article in full here.

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Millennials v baby boomers: a battle we could have done without

Last week, L-CYR member Kim Allen published a piece in The Conversation which takes a critical perspective on recent public debates about the plight of millennial within contexts of economic crisis and austerity. Co-written with Steve Roberts of Monash University, the article argues that the focus on ‘generational war’ between ‘baby-boomers’ and the young obscure continued inequalities of class, gender and race that shape how young people are faring within the current landscape.

You can read their article in full here

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