School of Education

Leeds Centre for Interdisciplinary Childhood and Youth Research

Seminar Series

Winter and Spring Terms, 2015 -16

  • Teenage futures: Parents’ roles and values in contexts of change

    Date: 4:00pm. Tuesday 3rd May 2016
    Location: Room G.18, School of Education, Hillary Place, University of Leeds

    The current restructuring of educational and labour market arrangements create new inequalities, and new dilemmas, for young people. In this context, what roles do parents play in supporting their teenage children as they approach early adulthood? Professor Sarah Irwin offers an analysis of data generated across three rounds of interviews with parents, from 2008 – 2014, and explore how they support their children, and seek to guide them in decisions about education, training and employment.

  • Becoming tyrannous?: A capabilities approach to best interests assessments

    Date: 4:00pm. Wednesday, 17th February 2016
    Location: G.18 (School of Education, Hillary Place, University of Leeds)

    Prof. Michael Thomson (School of Law, University of Leeds) argues that the Capabilities Approach proposed by Amartya Sen and others can provide a principled decision-making framework for best interests assessments and, indeed, law more generally where the utility of the approach has been under explored.

  • Poor educational outcomes for young people with caring responsibilities

    Date: 4:00pm. Wednesday, 25th November 2015
    Location: G.18 (School of Education, Hillary Place, University of Leeds)

    Conservative estimates suggest there are 175,000 children and young people in the UK with caring responsibilities for a dependent relative. Dr. Cathy Brennan (Leeds Institute of Health Sciences, University of Leeds) discusses a study which explored the association between young people identified as carers and their educational achievement using data from the Longitudinal Study of Young People in England.

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